Manuals and guides for the Ongoing Warehouse WMS

3PL customers

Are you a customer of a third-party logistics provider which uses the Ongoing Warehouse Management System? We have prepared some materials for you.

  1. 3PL customer manual - a manual intended for the customers of logistics providers.
  2. The benefits of using the Ongoing WMS - read about the benefits of letting a 3PL provider handle your logistics using the Ongoing WMS.

Introduction for administrators in seven easy pieces

We have prepared a series of tutorials which will take you through the basics of the system from start to end. If you follow these tutorials, you will be able to take a completely fresh Ongoing system, set it up to according to how your warehouse looks, and start receiving and shipping goods.

  1. Getting acquainted with the system »
  2. Goods owners »
  3. Aisles and locations »
  4. User administration »
  5. Creating and editing articles »
  6. How to receive and move goods »
  7. How to pick orders »

Transport systems

An important part of most warehouses' use of the Ongoing WMS, is an integration with a separate transport system. This system deals with transport labels and the communication with carriers. We have prepared a series of articles on this subject.

  1. Introduction to transport systems - Learn more about how to streamline your transports using an integration between Ongoing and a transport system.
  2. Adding an integration with a transport system - How to add an integration with a transport system to your Ongoing WMS.
  3. Setting up transporters - Learn how to add new transporters in Ongoing so they can be used in an integration with a transport system.
  4. Using the integration - When the integration has been set up, you are ready to begin using it.
  5. Transporter prioritization - It is possible to have the system automatically select a transporter for orders, given a set of rules which you maintain.

Further topics for administrators

Once you have gotten a hang of the basics, you can move on to more advanced features which help in making your warehouse more efficient.

Day to day management


Kits and production articles


Quick guides

Changing passwords

Learn how to change passwords.

Changing passwords »

API access

Learn how to grant API access to someone who wishes to integrate with your Ongoing system.

API access »

Excel import

Various kinds of data (such as article data and orders) can be imported into Ongoing from Excel.

Excel import »

Automatic emails

The Ongoing Warehouse Management system can be configured to send emails automatically for various events.

Automatic emails »

Mobile version

The Ongoing WMS provides a mobile version of the system which 3PL customers can use to easily place orders and check stock balances.

Mobile version »