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Integration between Ongoing Warehouse and Centra

Centra (formerly Silk) is a web based web shop platform from Young & Skilled. With an integration to Centra, orders and articles will be fetched automatically from the web shop to Ongoing. When an order has been picked the order will be set to "Completed" in Centra.


Article registry

The article registry will be imported from Centra to Ongoing.


Orders will be sent from Centra to Ongoing. When an order has been picked, the order will be set to "Completed" in Centra.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders (also known as inorders) will be sent from Centra to Ongoing. When the inorder has been received in Ongoing, the number of received items will be reported back to Centra.


Items which customers have returned are reported from Ongoing to Centra.

Stock values

The stock values will be reported from Ongoing to Centra.

Default settings and considerations

The following needs to be considered before Ongoing Warehouse can activate the integration.

  1. Synchronization interval.
    Default: Every 15 minutes. It is usually a suitable balance between responsiveness and band-width usage.
  2. Are you using multiple end-points, e.g. one site for retail and another for wholesale? When using multiple end-points, we will only sync the article registry and stock balances to one of the end-points, usually wholesale.
    Default: no.
  3. Should orders or shipments (or both) be imported into Ongoing? Note that we only can report back on shipments, not orders.
    Default: Shipments.
  4. Should shipments be captured at any point? (Capturing means that Ongoing will send a request to Centra to charge the customer.)
    Default: No capture.
  5. Should there be a filter for which orders/shipments are imported into Ongoing? Possiblities include:
    1. Only import paid orders into Ongoing.
    2. When importing an order, try to capture it in Centra at the same time. (See above point for the definition of "capturing".) The order will only be imported into Ongoing if capturing is successful. This is only available to some payment solutions.
    Default: No filter.
  6. When should an order be reported as completed to Centra? This can be done either manually by the user or automatically by the system.
    Default: Done automatically by Ongoing when the system has received a tracking from the TA-system (e.g. Unifaun).
  7. What should be used as the article number in Ongoing?
    Default: SKU + variant SKU + size SKU. Another possibility is to use the EAN as the article number in Ongoing.
  8. Should all articles be imported into Ongoing, or should there be some kind of filter?
    Default: An article is imported if it is marked as "Active" in Centra, and it has an SKU, a variant SKU and a size SKU.
  9. Stock level synchronization. Should the available quantity be written to Centra from the WMS?
    Default: No.
  10. Do you wish to use purchase orders (inorders)?
    Default: No.
  11. Should customer returns be reported back to Centra? Note that return causes are set per item in Ongoing, but per return in Centra. The return causes will therefore be combined into one return cause in Centra per return in Ongoing.
    Default: No.


Ask your contact at Centra to provide us with API information. We require both a "host" and a "secret". If you are using multiple end-points, we will require one host and secret for each end-point.