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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Fortnox

Fortnox is the leading supplier of web-based accounting and invoicing in Sweden. Ongoing Warehouse has developed two different integrations to Fortnox for you to simplify and connect your warehouse. Follow these links for further information of each of the integrations, including their respective features and mapping with Ongoing WMS:

WMS integration

Intended to be used by businesses which use Ongoing WMS for their warehousing operations (either via a third-party logistics provider, or if the business is direct customer to Ongoing Warehouse). The integration helps you improve your warehouse efficiency and accuracy.

Invoicing integration

Intended to be used by warehouse operators who wish to automate the invoicing process between Ongoing WMS' invoicing module and Fortnox.

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Ongoing Warehouse AB is integration partner with Fortnox. Fortnox offers a cloud-based platform so that small business owners and accounting firms can manage their finances and administration effectively. The platform is the market leader in Sweden. It also gives customers access to financial services and corporate insurance. Fortnox was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Växjö. The share is listed on NGM Nordic MTF. For further information see