Scanning in Ongoing WMS

Ongoing WMS has excellent support for use with hand-held units.

Ongoing WMS includes a powerful mobile warehouse application, which is called Ongoing WMS Scanning.

The scanning application is developed using web technology which gives you the following benefits:

  1. It can be used on Android, Apple, Windows and devices.
  2. No need to install or update an app. It is always up to date.
  3. Reachable from everywhere.

Ongoing WMS Scanning includes a set of standard scanning processes developed to cover the most common requirements when using hand-held units in a warehouse.

The scanning processes are comprehensive by default but it is still easy to adjust to specific customer needs. Adapting your processes to standard scanning is cost effective, since it requires less development time, and is fast to set up.

If you are a 3PL, using standard scanning is a good way to create a standardized way of working with all your goods owners and to streamline the workflow.

For warehouse owner Ongoing WMS Scanning offers plug-and-play onboarding and quick return on investment. Start simplifying your logistics now!

Ongoing WMS Scanning used on a tablet and a mobile phone.



General introduction to how hand-held units work in Ongoing WMS.

Introduction »

Accessing the scanning module

How to access the scanning module in Ongoing WMS.

Accessing the scanning module »

Scanning hardware

A guide for selecting hardware for use with our scanning module.

Scanning hardware »

Scanning with an Android device

It is possible to use the scanning module with an ordinary Android phone, if you don't have proper warehouse scanners available.

Scanning with an Android device »

Warehouse processes

Single order picking

Use scanning when picking orders one by one for outbound delivery.

Single order picking »

Batch picking

Use scanning to pick several orders at the same time using a picking cart with multiple bins.

Batch picking »

Batch picking in one bin

Use scanning to pick several single item orders at the same time using a picking cart.

Batch picking in one bin »


Pick several orders at the same time with this hybrid workflow which does not require wireless internet in the warehouse.

Packing »


Use scanning when receiving goods into the warehouse.

Inbound »

Customer returns

For use in e.g. email order flows where it's common for customers to send returns directly to the warehouse.

Customer returns »


When you want to move goods from one location within the warehouse to another location.

Move »


How to receive goods directly on outbound orders using a scanner in Ongoing WMS.

Cross-docking »


Use scanning to produce new items.

Production »

Inventory task

Use scanning to do a stock taking.

Inventory task »

Move with picking cart

Use scanning and picking cart to move items.

Move with picking cart »

Outbound scanning using pallets

Use scanning to pick orders and put the packages on pallets or in boxes on pallets.

Outbound scanning using pallets »


Waybill scanning dialog

When you want to input the packaging information during an outbound scanning workflow.

Waybill scanning dialog »

Charge scanning dialog

When you want to charge for the work performed during an outbound scanning workflow.

Charge scanning dialog »