Batch pick scanning in one bin

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If there are several single item orders with the same item ordered it is faster to pick all of them at the same time than picking them one by one. Since the orders are identical they don't need to be separated into different bins on a picking cart. Then the picking opition "Batch picking in one bin" is a good choice.

The standard work flow is to first prepare the orders to be picked in the order list in the system. The items which are to be picked are tied ("allocated") to the orders. After that, the orders can be processed in the hand-held unit. Whenever you scan an article, it is removed from stock. Progress can be easily monitored from the system. When all goods have been scanned, the order statuses are updated.

Flow chart

As can be seen in the flow chart below, the work flow is quite straight forward when doing batch picking in one bin.

Flow chart with seven boxes in a single flow. From first to last: Select pick order, Select cart, Scan location, Scan article, Select number of items, Orders picked, Close pick order.