Customer return scanning

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There are several ways to process goods which have been returned by the customers. The goods can either be received into the system using an ordinary inbound scanning, or you can use a special customer return scanning.

Using the customer return scanning means that you can more easily track the customer returns, since both the outbound process and the return process work against the same order:

  1. Customer places an order, which is delivered to customer.
  2. Customer sends goods back to the warehouse.
  3. Warehouse returns goods into the warehouse using the same order as in step 1.

When working with the customer return scanning, the standard work flow is to first scan the order that should be returned. Then you

Then the goods will be returned in the system and you are asked to scan a new article, and the process starts over. To switch to another order, you click on the button "Cancel".

The following information can be displayed in the hand-held unit:


Base scanning flow

Flow chart with six boxes. From first to last: Scan order, Scan return cause, Scan location, Scan article, Type count, Article returned. An arrow also points from Article returned back to Scan return cause.