Batch pick scanning

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The purpose of the batch pick scanning (also known as "pick order scanning" and "picking cart scanning") is to prepare orders for shipping. The difference between a batch pick scanning flow and a single order picking scanning flow, is that in the batch pick scanning one prepares multiple orders at the same time. This requires some sort of picking cart with multiple labeled bins.

The standard work flow is to first prepare the orders to be picked in the order list in the system. The items which are to be picked are tied ("allocated") to the orders. Each order is also assigned a specific bin in the picking cart. After that, the orders can be processed in the hand-held unit. Whenever you scan an article, it is removed from stock. Progress can be easily monitored from the system. When all goods have been scanned, the order statuses are updated.

The following information can be displayed in the hand-held unit:

Below figure shows how it can look during picking.

A screenshot of how it can look while batch picking with an Android device using Ongoing WMS.
A screenshot of how it can look while batch picking with an Android device using Ongoing WMS.


We have prepared a video about batch picking with scanner in Ongoing WMS.


Article number based scanning

Flow chart showing the work flow of an article number based scanning.

Batch picking without a scanner

The scanning module can also be used without a scanner. If you don't have access to a scanner or if the articles you handle don't have barcodes you can still use the scanning module in Ongoing WMS as a "digital pick list". The list will guide you to the right location and tell you what article to pick and in what bin on the picking cart to put it. Instead of scanning the article, warehouse location and bin on the picking cart, you simply confirm on your handheld device that you have picked the article and put the in the right bin. Below is a video that demonstrates how this works.