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Integration between Ongoing Warehouse and Textalk

Textalk is the largest provider of e-commerce solutions in Sweden, used by over 3900 shops. Their goal is to provide access to e-Commerce tools that make it easier for your customers to shop online. They also want to simplify the everyday life of shopkeepers by providing tools that facilitates ongoing administration. For more information about Textalk, see their website or Webshop API.


Article registry

Ongoing Warehouse pulls article registry updates from Textalk. Textalk contains the master data.


Ongoing Warehouse automatically reads orders from the web shop. When orders are fulfilled, the WMS creates a shipment in Textalk and marks it as shipped. Also any payments will be captured.

Stock balance

Stock balance is sent from Ongoing Warehouse to the web shop.

Default settings and considerations

The integration provides default settings which are suitable in most cases. However, there are some possibilities for customization.

  1. Synchronization interval.
    Default: Every 15 minutes. It is usually a suitable balance between responsiveness and band-width usage.
  2. Do you have any variant of your articles without unique article numbers? For example, colors, sizes, packaging.
    Default: No.
  3. When should an order in Textalk be transferred to Ongoing Warehouse?
    Default: No filter. It is possible to filter on delivery status and/or payment status.
  4. Should an order that have been discarded in Textalk be cancelled in Ongoing Warehouse?
    Default: No.


For us at Ongoing Warehouse to implement the Textalk integration we need the following operations to be performed by you.

Communication interface

This is already prepared in Textalk BAS and PLUS, but needs to be activated. To activate this, send a mail to shop@textalk.se, attach your shop ID and ask them to activate the function "Integration med eget system".

API information

When the interface for communication is activated you need to retrieve the information Ongoing Warehouse needs. The needed information is listed below: