How to set up automatic emails

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The Ongoing Warehouse Management System can be configured to send emails automatically for various events. Below are the types of automatic mails which can be set up by the administrator of the system. If you have other ideas for automatic mails, please contact Ongoing Warehouse.

Adding an automatic email

Setting up an automatic email always follows the same procedure:

  1. Go to Settings ⇒ Integration ⇒ Integrations.
  2. Select the type of email you want to set up. You will now be presented with a form to fill out.
  3. Fill a name for the mail (that is, what is this particular automatic mail called).
  4. Fill in email addresses. If you need to send the email to more than one person, separate the addresses with a comma.
  5. If required, select the goods owner.
  6. Click Create.

For example, to create an email which warns the goods owner when stock balances fall below a certain level, you would fill out the form like so:

The different types of emails

Automatic mail when stock balance falls below a set value

Some goods owners want to be notified when the stock balance for an article falls below a certain level. This is known variously as a:

The email called Automatic mail when stock balance falls below a set value will be sent once a day and will include all articles whose stock balances are below their stock limit.

To input the minimum stock level for an article, go to Warehouse ⇒ Articles and select an article. Input the minimum stock level in the field called Stock limit:

Repeat this for each article which you want to be included in the notification.

Automatic mail when stock balance (in any warehouse) falls below a set value

This email works much like the above Automatic mail when stock balance falls below a set value. The difference is that this email will check each warehouse in the system separately.

As an example, say you have two warehouses (W1 and W2) and an article whose stock limit is 130 pieces. If the stock balance for this article is:


Daily mail with all stock balances for a particular goods owner

This email contains a list of all stock balances for a particular goods owner.