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Integration between Ongoing WMS and 24Nettbutikk

If you are working with 24Nettbutikk you will be happy to find out that a Swedish supplier of warehouse management system (WMS) has a smooth integration with your software. Let picking and packing errors be a thing of the past and start to make your warehouse operations more efficient by getting access to features such as: scanning (with any device) to minimize packing errors, efficient picking routes, batch-picking, automated label printing, warehouse maps, multiple warehouse support and more. You’ll have perfect control over your inventory and as Ongoing WMS is completely web-based and very quick to get started with, you’ll feel right at home coming from 24Nettbutikk. Plus, you will save time and money having full control of your warehouse operations.

On the other hand, if you’re outsourcing your logistics and want to integrate your web shop(s) with your third-party logistics provider using Ongoing WMS, this will provide you with a seamless logistics experience and let you focus on marketing and increasing your sales.

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When an order is placed by your customer it is automatically transferred to the WMS for the warehouse workers to immediately start picking and packing it. When a shipment has been booked, the WMS marks the order as sent in 24Nettbutikk.

Ongoing WMS continuously pulls information about the products from 24NettButikk and the available stock in the warehouse is continuously pushed to 24Nettbutikk. The integration between Ongoing WMS and 24Nettbutikk eliminates the manual and repetitive task of keeping two registers in sync and automates the information change in the logistics process.

Article registry

Ongoing WMS pulls article registry updates from 24Nettbutikk to the WMS. 24NettButikk contains the master data. By default, the integration transfers to following information fields:

  • Article number
  • Article name
  • Variant name
  • Unique product ID
  • Description
  • Buying price
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Length
  • Width
  • Volume
  • Barcode
  • Is active
  • Category


The WMS downloads new and updated orders which are not yet handled. If an order is updated, the change is transferred unless the warehouse workers have started working on it. When orders are fulfilled, the WMS marks the order as sent in 24Nettbutikk. If the full order could not be delivered it is marked as "sent with rest". Delivered quantity for each order line is also pushed. The following information is transferred by default:

  • Order number
  • Order date
  • Customer comment
  • Shop comment
  • Shipping method text
  • Customer information:
    • ID
    • Name (first name + last name or company name)
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Notification preferences
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • Post code
    • City
    • Country
  • Order line information:
    • ID
    • Unique product ID
    • Quantity

Stock balance

Stock balance is sent from Ongoing WMS to 24Nettbutikk.

Default settings and considerations

The integration provides default settings which are suitable in most cases. However, there are some possibilities for customization.

  1. Synchronization interval.
    Default: Every 15 minutes. It is usually a suitable balance between responsiveness and band-width usage.
  2. Are any plugins used?
    The use of plugins might complicate the setup of the integration.
  3. Should the available stock be synchronized from the WMS to 24Nettbutikk?
    Default: Yes.
  4. Which status should an order have in 24Nettbutikk for to be transferred to the WMS?
    Default: All new non-deleted orders.


To implement this integration, Ongoing WMS needs the following information from 24Nettbutikk:

  • API URL. Something like "https://xyz/api/v1/"
  • API key. Provided by 24Nettbutikk.