Integration between Ongoing WMS and 24SevenOffice

Table of contents


The invoicing integration is intended to be used by warehouses who wish to export invoices from Ongoing WMS' invoicing module to 24SevenOffice.


To be able to export invoices from Ongoing WMS to 24SevenOffice there are a few things that must be setup correctly first.
The invoices will be placed as orders in 24SevenOffice which then can be invoiced in the ERP.

  1. The value in the field AdvancedReferencesCustomer code must be the customer ID that the goods owner has in 24SevenOffice:
    customer code field
  2. Every price list must have an article number. This number should be the same as the product ID in 24SevenOffice.:
    article number field on the price list

  3. The invoice title in Ongoing will be set as order title and the generated invoice ID in Ongoing WMS will be set as reference number in 24SevenOffice.
    invoice number field on the invoice

It is possible to update the order in 24SevenOffice if the order is not invoiced in the ERP.


To be able to activate the integration following information is needed. Gather the information and speak to your contact person at Ongoing WMS.