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Integration between Ongoing WMS and BaseLinker

BaseLinker is a Polish order management system with integrations to a large number of webshops, marketplaces, ERPs and shipping companies. With the integration between Ongoing WMS and BaseLinker you can automatically sync the articles and orders from all your order channels connected to BaseLinker to Ongping WMS. When an order is handled in Ongoing and ready to be sent, all necessary information will be sent to BaseLinker to make a transport booking at the click of a button. The transport label will then be downloaded and can be printed automatically.

Getting Started

To set up the integration between Ongoing WMS and BaseLinker you will need an API token from BaseLinker. You find this under My accountAPI in BaseLinker.

After you have gathered this information, please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Ongoing WMS and BaseLinker.


Ongoing WMS continuously pulls information about the products and variants from BaseLinker.

Ongoing WMS continuously pushes stock levels to BaseLinker.

When an order is placed in BaseLinker the integration will automatically generate a corresponding order in Ongoing WMS so the warehouse workers can start to pick and pack the items on the order.

The integration works well together with the Ongoing workflow. It uses the BaseLinker API. Most functions run every 15 minutes, but some functions are based on user actions.

Note that the information in this document might differ from your integration if any special requests were made during the implementation of the integration.


Once every 15 minutes all products and variants from BaseLinker will be synced, creating corresponding articles in Ongoing WMS. Click the following button to see the field mapping:

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field BaseLinker field
Article definition ⇒ Article nameProduct ⇒ Name + Variant ⇒ Name
Article definition ⇒ Article numberVariant ⇒ Sku or Product ⇒ Sku
Article definition ⇒ Product codeVariant ⇒ Id or Product ⇒ Id
Article definition ⇒ BarcodeVariant ⇒ Ean or Product ⇒ Ean
Article definition ⇒ WeightProduct ⇒ Weight
Article definition ⇒ HeightProduct ⇒ Height
Article definition ⇒ WidthProduct ⇒ width
Article definition ⇒ LengthProduct ⇒ Length
Article definition ⇒ DescriptionProduct ⇒ TextFields ⇒ Description

Stock Levels

Once every 15 minutes all stock levels can be pushed from Ongoing WMS to BaseLinker. By default this setting is turned off.


Orders are automatically transferred from BaseLinker to the WMS.

Click the following button to see the field mapping.

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field BaseLinker field
Order Info ⇒ Goods Owner Order IdOrder ⇒ OrderId
Order Info ⇒ Goods Owner Order NumberOrder ⇒ OrderId
Order Info ⇒ Market Place Order NumberOrder ⇒ ShopOrderId
Order Info ⇒ Delivery DateOrder ⇒ DateConfirmed
Order Info ⇒ Order RemarkOrder ⇒ UserComments + Order ⇒ AdminComments
Order Info ⇒ Order Service Point CodeOrder ⇒ DeliveryPointId
Customer ⇒ AddressOrder ⇒ DeliveryAddress
Customer ⇒ Post CodeOrder ⇒ DeliveryPostcode
Customer ⇒ CityOrder ⇒ DeliveryCity
Customer ⇒ Country CodeOrder ⇒ DeliveryCountryCode
Customer ⇒ Country State CodeOrder ⇒ DeliveryState
Customer ⇒ Customer NumberOrder ⇒ OrderId
Customer ⇒ EmailOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ Email
Customer ⇒ Mobile PhoneOrder ⇒ Phone
Customer ⇒ TelephoneOrder ⇒ Phone
Customer ⇒ VAT NumberOrder ⇒ InvoiceNip
Customer ⇒ Invoice Address ⇒ AddressOrder ⇒ InvoiceAddress
Customer ⇒ Invoice Address ⇒ Post CodeOrder ⇒ InvoicePostcode
Customer ⇒ Invoice Address ⇒ CityOrder ⇒ InvoiceCity
Customer ⇒ Invoice Address ⇒ Country CodeOrder ⇒ InvoiceCountryCode
Customer ⇒ Invoice Address ⇒ Country State CodeOrder ⇒ InvoiceState
Customer ⇒ Invoice Address ⇒ EmailOrder ⇒ Email
Customer ⇒ Invoice Address ⇒ Mobile PhoneOrder ⇒ Phone
Customer ⇒ Invoice Address ⇒ TelephoneOrder ⇒ Phone
Order Line ⇒ Article NumberProduct ⇒ Sku
Order Line ⇒ Product CodeProduct ⇒ VariantId or Product ⇒ ProductId
Order Line ⇒ External Order Line CodeProduct ⇒ OrderProductId
Order Line ⇒ Number Of ItemsProduct ⇒ Quantity
Order Line ⇒ Customer Line PriceProduct ⇒ PriceBrutto
Order Line ⇒ Order Line Total Customs ValueProduct ⇒ PriceBrutto


The integration will only sync those orders in BaseLinker that have created since the last time the integration ran. Only the orders in the statuses chosen in the integration settings will be synced.

Creating Shipments

When an order is picked and packed in the warehouse a shipment can be created in BaseLinker by clicking the Send button in Ongoing WMS. When this is done a transport label is generated in BaseLinker and it is then automatically downloaded to Ongoing WMS. Tracking information is also downloaded if it is available in BaseLinker.