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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Cargonizer

Cargonizer is a flexible, affordable and user-friendly transportation administration system made by Logistra. Integrating Ongoing WMS and Cargonizer enables more efficient processes in the warehouse.


Make transport bookings directly from Ongoing WMS

You can create a consignment in Cargonizer either from an order or a shipment in Ongoing WMS. You find information about how the orders/shipments are mapped below.

Make tracking information visible in Ongoing WMS

When the consignment in Cargonizer has been created, Ongoing WMS will receive a response from Cargonizer. Depending on the transporter and your Cargonizer settings the response might contain the following information:

  • Tracking URL
  • Freight price

Note that this is not included when using shipments in Ongoing WMS.

Default settings and considerations

The integration provides default settings which are suitable in most cases. However, there are some possibilities for customization.

  1. Should the consignment in Cargonizer be created based on orders or shipments in Ongoing WMS?
    Default: Orders.
  2. When should the order/shipment be sent to Cargonizer?
    Default: when the send-button is pressed in Ongoing WMS.


The following data is required to set up an integration with Cargonizer:

  1. API key
You can create this by going to the Preferences pane in Cargonizer.

After you have gathered this information, please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Ongoing WMS and Cargonizer.

Mapping Ongoing WMS Order - Cargonizer Consignment

Order Information

CargonizerOngoing WMS
Message - CarrierDelivery Instructions
Reference - ConsignorGoods Owner Order Number
References – ConsigneeSales Code

Items (Parcels)

An item in Cargonizer is created for every freight row on the Ongoing WMS order. An order must have at least one freight row in Ongoing WMS to create an consignment in Cargonizer.

CargonizerOngoing WMS
TypePackaging Type Code
AmountNumber of Packages
DescriptionGoods Category


The data is mapped from the orders consignee in Ongoing WMS.

CargonizerOngoing WMS
Address2Address2 + Address3
Post CodePost Code
CountryCountry Code
MobileMobile Phone

Transporter Information

CargonizerOngoing WMS
Transport AgreementCustomer Code on Transporter Agreement
ProductTransport Service Code

If MYPACK is used a service partner is added

Order Response

When the consignment has been created in Cargonizer, Ongoing WMS receive a repsone. Depending on the transporter you are using and the settings in Cargonizer the response might contain the following information.

CargonizerOngoing WMS
Tracking URLInvoice URL
Kolli numberWaybill

Mapping Ongoing WMS Shipment - Cargonizer Consignment

Shipment Information

CargonizerOngoing WMS
Message - CarrierDelivery Instructions
Reference - ConsignorShipment Order Number


Each freight row on the Ongoing WMS Shipment will create an item on the consignment in Cargonizer. The fields are mapped as the order freight rows.


The information in Ongoing WMS is taken from the shipments consignee and is mapped as the order consignee.

Transporter Information

The information in Ongoing WMS is taken from the shipments transporter agreement set on the shipment and is mapped as the transporter information on an order.


No default response handling for shipments.