Integration between Ongoing WMS and Cargoson

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Cargoson is a Freight management software for shippers. They offer a cloud-based, smart software where their clients are able to book their shipments in one app. With their SaaS service, there is no need to chase your shipments from different carrier portals or e-mails. All transport info, price sheets, price & transit times comparison, CO2 emissions calculation, tracking, freight documents, statistics and notifications in one cloud-based smart software (web and mobile app). With the Plug&play carrier integrations you can have all your current carriers you like to work with and add more based on your future needs. Insanely easy to use!

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Below are some highlights of what the integration between Cargoson and Ongoing WMS offers:

Compared to many other shipping platforms, Cargoson has the following benefits:


Currently there are two main flows: semi-automatic and fully automatic.


Black-box (fully automatic)

App screenshots

Carriers CO2 emissions

Cargoson carriers CO2 emissions


Cargoson shipments


Cargoson statistics