Integration between Ongoing WMS and Carismar

Carismar is one of Sweden's leading platform suppliers in e-commerce. The Carismar Commerce platform is headless and comes with an integrated PIM, WMS, CMS and CRM. With open APIs, the platform is free to integrate with external services and systems. The platform's structure and functionality make everything within digital commerce feel simple. They have developed their own integration with Ongoing WMS which you can use to connect to your 3PL providers', or your own, WMS.

About Carismar

Do you want an e-commerce buddy to help you develop and achieve your goals?

Carismar's philosophy is that e-retailers should focus on building a brand, not IT. You get a cloud-based e-commerce platform where all the central parts; PIM, CMS, WMS are integrated.

To your assistance you have a large technical team with long experience of helping entrepreneurs grow.

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