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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Crystallize

Tired of picking and packing mistakes due to a lack of scanning capabilities? Exhausted from handling one order at a time? Dive into Ongoing WMS, a fully web-based solution designed to simplify and connect your warehouse operations. Enjoy features like batch-picking, efficient picking routes, error-reducing scanning, automatic label printing, and more. Start saving time and money with Ongoing WMS today!

Introducing Crystallize: the super-fast headless commerce platform tailored for product storytellers. Build rich and engaging product storytelling across all customer touchpoints. Scale your logistics as easily as you grow sales. Crystallize helps you craft complex order fulfillment workflows, with stock locations for each of your in-house and 3PL partners.

The Crystallize integration with Ongoing WMS is proven and has already been used to fulfill more than 100k orders.


The integration supports the following flows:

  • Product master data from Crystallize to Ongoing WMS
  • Ready to be integrated with any 3PL that is running Ongoing WMS
  • Synchronized stock information

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