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Integration between Ongoing WMS and DanDomain

If you're using DanDomain for your webshop, you'll be pleased to learn that there's a Swedish supplier of warehouse management systems (WMS) that integrates seamlessly with your system. You can begin as modestly as you wish; there's no need to have a fully operational warehouse before tapping into the capabilities of Ongoing WMS. Either way, let picking and packing errors become a thing of the past, increase efficiency with features like device-agnostic scanning to reduce picking and packing mistakes, get efficient picking routes, perform batch-picking, get automated label printing, create warehouse maps and more. Get complete control over all your inventory! Since Ongoing WMS is entirely web-based and easy to start with, you'll find it familiar if you're coming from DanDomain. Plus, you'll save both time and money.

Also, if you're considering outsourcing your logistics and aim to integrate your webshop(s) with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that uses Ongoing WMS, you'll benefit from a seamless logistics experience and access to a customer lobby where you’ll find interesting statistic. Using an Ongoing-powered 3PL you can concentrate fully on marketing and boosting your sales.

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Article registry

Ongoing WMS pulls article registry updates from DanDomain. DanDomain contains the master data.

Field mapping

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Ongoing WMS field name DanDomain field name
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleNameProduct ⇒ Product ⇒ Settings ⇒ Items ⇒ FirstOrDefault ⇒ Name
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleNumberProduct ⇒ Number
ArticleDefinition ⇒ BarCodeProduct ⇒ BarcodeNumber
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ProductCodeProduct ⇒ Id
ArticleDefinition ⇒ PurchasePriceProduct ⇒ CostPrice
ArticleDefinition ⇒ WeightProduct ⇒ Weight


By default, all products that have been updated in DanDomain will be synced to Ongoing WMS.


Ongoing WMS automatically reads orders from the web shop. Note that only orders which have "incomplete=false" will be read. When orders are fulfilled, the WMS sets the order status to Finished in DanDomain.

Field mapping

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Ongoing WMS field name DanDomain field name
CustomerOrder ⇒ OrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderIdOrder ⇒ Id
CustomerOrder ⇒ OrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderNumberOrder ⇒ Id
CustomerOrder ⇒ OrderInfo ⇒ OrderRemarkOrder ⇒ Comment
CustomerOrder ⇒ OrderInfo ⇒ FreeText1Order ⇒ CustomerComment
CustomerOrder ⇒ OrderInfo ⇒ SalesCodeOrder ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ Attention or* Order ⇒ DeliveryInfo ⇒ Attention
CustomerOrder ⇒ OrderInfo ⇒ InvoiceNumberOrder ⇒ InvoiceInfo ⇒ Number
CustomerOrder ⇒ OrderInfo ⇒ WayOfDeliveryType ⇒ NameOrder ⇒ ShippingInfo ⇒ ShippingMethodName
CustomerOrder ⇒ OrderInfo ⇒ Customs ⇒ CustomsValueCurrencyCodeOrder ⇒ CurrencyCode
CustomerOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ AddressOrder ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ Address
CustomerOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ Address2Order ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ Address2
CustomerOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ CityOrder ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ City
CustomerOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ CustomerNumberOrder ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ Id
CustomerOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ EmailOrder ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ Email
CustomerOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ MobilePhoneOrder ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ Phone
CustomerOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ NameOrder ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ Name
CustomerOrder ⇒ Customer ⇒ TelePhoneOrder ⇒ CustomerInfo ⇒ Phone

*First non-empty field.


By default, all unsent orders that have been updated in DanDomain will be synced to Ongoing WMS.

Stock balance

Optionally, Ongoing WMS can sync the stock balance to DanDomain.


For us at Ongoing WMS to implement the DanDomain integration we need the following information:

  • Shop URL
  • Authentication key
  • The order status ID of the orders which Ongoing WMS is supposed to read from DanDomain
  • The order status ID of a finished order

Please see this guide on how to set up an integration between DanDomain and your Ongoing WMS.