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Ongoing WMS Visma e-conomic 3PL invoicing integration

The invoicing integration is intended to be used by warehouse operators who wish to automate the invoicing process between Ongoing WMS' invoicing module and Visma e-conomic. Read more about Ongoing WMS 3PL invoicing. The integration can be used to send invoices from Ongoing WMS to Visma e-conomic.

Getting started

To set up this integration Ongoing WMS will need a token to the Visma e-conomic API. This token is generated by using the following link which is connected to our app in Visma e-conomic.

Navigate to the page "Integrations and emails" in Ongoing WMS. Click "New integration or e-mail". Then choose "Visma e-conomic 3PL invoice specification export" and type in your token in the API token field to set up the integration.