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Integration between Ongoing WMS and E-motions


E-motions offers automation solution for logistics heavy companies. Read more about how e-motions integrates to Ongoing WMS here.

Conveyor belt with weighing, dimensioning and scanning

E-motions has solution which moves packages from one location to another via a conveyor belt. For example, you may want all your packages going to Sweden to arrive at one location and all our packages going to Norway arrive at another location where the packages are ready for transportation. The integration between Ongoing WMS and E-motions allows for this type of package movements to flow automatically. The integration works both when outsourcing to 3PL or handling your own warehouse.

Dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS) items from e-motions. The items move through the station, the items are identified via barcode. They are then weighed and measured. The results are pushed to the WMS.


E-motions conveyor system together with Ongoing WMS works as follow:

  1. The order is picked and packed in Ongoing WMS and sent to shipping platform. The package is then placed on the roller belt.
  2. The package is scanned in E-motions conveyor system where the package is measured and weighted.
  3. The Values are sent to Ongoing WMS Automation API.
  4. Information about the consignee's name, address, zip code, city, etc. is received from Ongoing WMS Automation API which allows the conveyor to automatically forward the package to the correct destination.


In a pick-to-light setup (also known as pick-by-light), the locations which the warehouse operator is supposed to pick from are indicated by lights. The warehouse operator selects an order to pick, and each bin which he is supposed to pick from lights up. As the operator picks items, he confirms each pick by pressing a button.

Pick-to-light station from e-motions
Pick-to-light station from e-motions. Trays are loaded from the back. The picker stands in front of the station. When a pick should be performed the lights are lit up. The picker turns of the light when picking.

Their pick-to-light system is integrated with Ongoing WMS. E-motions reads which articles are supposed to be picked and reports back to Ongoing WMS when the warehouse operator confirms that the articles have been picked.

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