Integration between Ongoing WMS and Geins

Geins comes as a pre-composed commerce suite taking care of everything from content to fulfillment and can be integrated with anything solving the needs of today and tomorrow. The platform's structure and functionality make everything within digital commerce feel simple. Geins have developed their own integration with Ongoing WMS which you can use to connect to your 3PL providers', or your own, WMS.

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Geins - Powered by Carismar Agency

Carismar Agency was founded in 2005 and is a digital agency that focuses primarily on e-commerce. We work with design, strategy and development to be able to meet our customers' needs. Our ambition is always to work with our customers long-term and be able to contribute with our experience and expertise in e-commerce. We mainly build on the API first platform Geins, but also take assignments on other platforms. Among our clients and assignments that we have worked with over the years are, among others: Bubbleroom, Zoovillage, Topformula, Inrego, Bonnier, Åhléns, Motostar, ATV huset, KA YO, and Tidningskungen.

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