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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Gordon Delivery

About Gordon Delivery

Gordon Delivery offers solutions within refrigerated last-mile logistics for food and medicines in an unbroken B2B and B2C active cold chain. In 2022, their delivery service reach more than 90% of the population in Sweden and Denmark. They are rapidly growing in Norway and Finland, and they plan on entering the UK soon. Gordon’s integrated route optimization engine uses AI and Machine Learning to generate the most efficient routes in seconds. Parameters such as time, location, and capacity are all considered when the routes are calculated and optimized.


€0.03 (0.3 SEK or NOK) per shipment

All parts of Ongoing WMS are generally included in the monthly fee. For example, this includes our integrations to delivery management software such as nShift, Logtrade or Ingrid. However, in the case of the integration to Gordon Delivery, Ongoing takes an extended responsibility by integrating directly to a carrier and therefore we charge €0.03 per shipment.

About the integration

With our Gordon Delivery integration, a shipping order is created in their software Gordon as soon as goods are allocated in Ongoing WMS. As soon as the order is ready to ship, the integration marks the order as picked in Gordon to speed up their pickup. Shipping labels for each package are automatically printed, and tracking information can then be accessed in Ongoing WMS directly. By applying this integration in your Ongoing WMS, Gordon receives important order information at an earlier stage of the order process which makes the planning and pickup of their delivery routes even more efficient. This enables a faster shipping process and ensures the best possible freshness once the order hits the doorstep of the end customer. In addition, the integration spares your warehouse workers extra administrative work and helps make order processing more efficient.

Picking up items from storage box using Gordon Delivery
Photo: Anna Roström