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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich is a German company specializing in material handling equipment and automation solutions. Their automation equipment is designed to optimize logistics processes, increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

If you are looking to setup a warehouse with semi-automated trucks from Jungheinrich, you can consult Devies to setup an integration between Ongoing WMS and Jungheinrich.

Integration by Devies

Devies has created an integration between Ongoing WMS and Jungheinrich's semi-automated trucks. The trucks will receive instructions based on events in Ongoing WMS' logistics flows, for example move assignments as well as inbound and outbound deliveries. The integration can be bought directly from Devies and is set up based on your individual needs.

Visit Devies for more information about this integration.

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Ongoing Warehouse partners with Devies to deliver this integration.