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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Microsoft Business Central

Are you tired of manually keeping track of orders, articles, and inventory across multiple systems?

Gung has developed an integration between Ongoing WMS and Microsoft Business Central, the popular ERP system for fashion, footwear, textiles, and furniture wholesalers. With this integration, you can streamline your logistics process and improve order fulfillment efficiency.

How it works:

When a customer places an order, it is automatically transferred to Ongoing WMS for warehouse workers to start picking and packing. Once the shipment is booked, Ongoing marks the order as sent, and the same status applies to the order in Microsoft Business Central. The integration also ensures that articles and orders are automatically created or updated in both systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

Key features of the integration

Article Registry:

Microsoft Business Central contains the master data for articles, and this integration pushes updates to Ongoing WMS, including the article number, name, barcode, color code, color description, size code, and size description.

Order Management:

As soon as new orders are placed in Microsoft Business Central, they are automatically pushed to Ongoing WMS, so that warehouse workers can start fulfilling them immediately. Once the order is picked and packed, the order status is updated in both systems. The integration transfers key information, including the order number, customer details, delivery information, and order line information such as the article number and ordered quantity.

Purchase Orders:

When a new purchase order is created in Microsoft Business Central, it is automatically pushed to Ongoing WMS. Once the purchase order is received in the warehouse, the status and article quantities are updated in Microsoft Business Central. The integration transfers important details such as the purchase order number, supplier name, and purchase order line information.

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