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Introduction is a Norwegian eCommerce software supplier. It has a REST-based API which covers most of the information available in the platform. Integrating your web shop with your third-party logistics provider via Ongoing WMS provides you with a seamless logistics experience and let you focus on marketing.

When an order is placed by your customer it is automatically transferred to the WMS for the warehouse workers to immediately start picking and packing it. When a shipment has been booked, the WMS marks the order as sent (no: levert) in and the tracking number is sent to the web shop and ready to be delivered to the customer.

Ongoing WMS continuously pulls information about the products from and the available stock in the warehouse is continuously pushed to The integration between Ongoing WMS and eliminates the manual and repetitive task of keeping two registers in sync and automates the information change in the logistics process.

Scheduled functions

Some functions in the integration run on a schedule. Articles and orders are synced automatically from Mystore to Ongoing WMS. The stock can be synced from Ongoing to Mystore but is disabled as default.

Article registry

Ongoing WMS pulls article registry updates from to the WMS. contains the master data.

Field mapping

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Ongoing WMS field name Mystore field name
Article ⇒ Article free decimal 2Variant ⇒ Id
Article ⇒ Article numberProduct ⇒ Sku or Variant ⇒ Sku
Article ⇒ BarcodeProduct ⇒ Ean or Variant ⇒ Ean
Article ⇒ Customer priceProduct ⇒ Price
Article ⇒ NameCombination of Product ⇒ Name and Product attribute option ⇒ Value
Article ⇒ PriceProduct ⇒ Cost or Variant ⇒ Cost
Article ⇒ Product codeCombination of Product ⇒ Id and Product attribute option ⇒ ids
Article ⇒ Purchase priceProduct ⇒ Cost or Variant ⇒ Cost
Article ⇒ WeightProduct ⇒ Weight (converted to kgs)


By default, all articles that have been updated in Mystore will be synced to Ongoing WMS.


The WMS downloads new and updated orders which are not yet handled. If an order is updated, the change is transferred unless the warehouse workers have started working on it.

If an order is updated to status "kansellert" in the corresponding order will be cancelled in Ongoing, if possible.

Field mapping

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field name Mystore field name
Order info ⇒ Customer priceOrder ⇒ Total price
Order info ⇒ Delivery dateOrder ⇒ Created at
Order info ⇒ Goods owner order numberOrder ⇒ Id
Order info ⇒ Reference numberOrder ⇒ Reference
Order info ⇒ Way of deliveryOrder ⇒ Shipping method
Customer ⇒ AddressOrder ⇒ Shipping address address
Customer ⇒ CityOrder ⇒ Shipping address city
Customer ⇒ Country state codeOrder ⇒ Shipping address state
Customer ⇒ Country codeOrder ⇒ Shipping address country
Customer ⇒ EmailOrder ⇒ Customer address email
Customer ⇒ Mobile phoneOrder ⇒ Customer address phone
Customer ⇒ NameOrder ⇒ Shipping address name or
Order ⇒ Shipping address company and shipping address name
Customer ⇒ Notify by SMSif exists Order ⇒ Customer address phone
Customer ⇒ Notify by emailif exists Order ⇒ Customer address email
Customer ⇒ Post codeOrder ⇒ Shipping address zip code
Order line ⇒ Article nameCombination of Order product ⇒ Name and
Order products ⇒ Product attributes ⇒ Option name
Order line ⇒ Article numberOrder product ⇒ Sku
Order line ⇒ Customer line priceOrder product ⇒ Final price
Order line ⇒ External order line codeOrder product ⇒ Id
Order line ⇒ Line priceOrder product ⇒ Price
Order line ⇒ Number of itemsOrder product ⇒ Quantity
Order line ⇒ Product codeCombination of Order product ⇒ Product ⇒ Id and
Order products ⇒ Product attributes ⇒ Ids


By default, any orders matching created or updated since last sync will be fetched. Note that if the order exists in Ongoing it will only be updated if the status of the order in Ongoing allows it to be updated!

Stock sync

Stock balance is sent from Ongoing WMS to

Functions based on user actions

Outbound deliveries

When orders are fulfilled, the WMS marks the order as sent (no: levert) in If the order has tracking information about that will be sent to Mystore.


MyStore uses OAuth 2.0 in order to allow integrations to access the data needed. To setup the integration please use the following link that will take you to the Ongoing WMS login page. On the login page you will be asked to provide credentials for the WMS where you want to setup the integration. In the box marked System you can either provide the url of the WMS, for example, or you can provide the Ongoing customer ID which can be found using the support info button at the bottom of the page when you are logged in on your WMS:

  1. Ongoing footer info
  2. Ongoing customer ID

Username and Password corresponds to the user and password for the WMS. Once you have filled in the correct information you will be redirected to MyStore where you will first be asked to login. The next step is to read through which permissions the integration needs. In order to be able to use the integration all the requested permissions need to be allowed. Otherwise the integration will not be able to function as intended. When the requested permissions are allowed you will be redirected to the previously provided Ongoing WMS and can make some fine tuning of the integration before finally activating it.