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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Norce (previously Jetshop)

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Norce is a Swedish eCommerce platform provider.


The integration contains the following processes and features. The processes can be independently switched on or off.

Article Registry

The article registry is automatically pulled from the shop to Ongoing WMS.

Field mapping

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Ongoing WMS field name Norce field name
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleNumber(product ⇒ ArticleNumber) or (variant ⇒ ArticleNumber) *
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleName(product ⇒ Name) or (product ⇒ Name + " - " + variant ⇒ AttValue) *
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ProductCode(product ⇒ ProductId) or (variant ⇒ ProductId) *
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleDescriptionproduct ⇒ ProductDescription
ArticleDefinition ⇒ BarCodeproduct ⇒ EanCode
ArticleDefinition ⇒ Weightproduct ⇒ Weight
ArticleDefinition ⇒ Volumeproduct ⇒ Volume
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleDescriptionproduct ⇒ ProductDescription
ArticleDefinition ⇒ CustomerPriceproduct ⇒ Price
ArticleDefinition ⇒ SupplierArticleNumberproduct ⇒ ManufacturerArtnr
* Depending on if the article has a variant.


Orders are automatically pulled from the shop to Ongoing WMS. When an order has been handled, it is reported back to the shop. This last step can also make Norce bill the end-customer.

Field mapping

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Ongoing WMS field name Norce field name
Customer ⇒ NameOrderData ⇒ ShipToCompany + ", " + OrderData ⇒ ShipToFirstName + " " + OrderData ⇒ ShipToLastName *
Customer ⇒ AddressOrderData ⇒ ShipToAddress
Customer ⇒ Address2OrderData ⇒ ShipToCo
Customer ⇒ PostCodeOrderData ⇒ ShipToZipCode
Customer ⇒ CityOrderData ⇒ ShipToCity
Customer ⇒ CountryCodeOrderData ⇒ ShipToCountryCode
Customer ⇒ ExternalCustomerCodeOrderData ⇒ CustomerId
Customer ⇒ IsVisibletrue
Customer ⇒ EmailOrderData ⇒ Email
Customer ⇒ MobilePhoneOrderData ⇒ ShipToMobilePhone **
Customer ⇒ NotifyByEmailtrue if ((Customer ⇒ Email) is not null or whitespace), else false
Customer ⇒ NotifyBySMStrue if ((Customer ⇒ MobilePhone) is not null or whitespace), else false
Customer ⇒ TelePhoneOrderData ⇒ OrderData ⇒ ShipToPhone ***
Customer ⇒ NotifyByTelephonetrue if ((Customer ⇒ TelePhone) is not null or whitespace) && ((Customer ⇒ NotifyBySMS) is false), else false
OrderInfo ⇒ DeliveryDateOrderData ⇒ OrderDate
OrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderNumberOrderData ⇒ OrderId
OrderInfo ⇒ ReferenceNumberOrderData ⇒ ReferenceNumber
OrderInfo ⇒ OrderRemarkOrderData ⇒ PaymentTypeText
OrderInfo ⇒ WayOfDeliveryType ⇒ CodeOrderData ⇒ freightMethodName
OrderInfo ⇒ WayOfDeliveryType ⇒ NameOrderData ⇒ freightMethodName

* Only (OrderData ⇒ ShipToFirstName + " " + OrderData ⇒ ShipToLastName) if (OrderData ⇒ ShipToCompany) is null or empty.

** (OrderData ⇒ MobilePhone) if (OrderData ⇒ ShipToMobilePhone) is null or empty.

*** (OrderData ⇒ MobilePhone) if (OrderData ⇒ ShipToPhone) is null or empty.

Stock balance updates

Ongoing WMS manages the stock balances and continuously synchronizes these with Norce.

Default settings and considerations

The following needs to be considered before Ongoing WMS can activate the integration.

  1. Synchronization interval.
    Default: Every 15 minutes. It is usually a suitable balance between responsiveness and band-width usage.
  2. Stock balance updates. Should the available quantity be written to Norce from Ongoing WMS?
    Default: Yes.
  3. Does the article registry contain variants? This will require special handling by Ongoing WMS.
  4. Which status should an order have for it to be pulled from Norce to Ongoing WMS?
    Default: "Recieved".
  5. After an order has been handled by the warehouse, which status should it receive in Norce?
    Default: "Delivered".
  6. After an order has been handled by the warehouse, should Ongoing WMS cause Norce to bill the end-customer?


For Ongoing WMS to be able to activate the integration, the following needs to be done by Norce support:

  • They need to activate the "SOAP Webservice" for the shop.
  • They need to supply you with a URL, a password and a username for the webservice.