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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Omnium


Omnium bridges the gap between online and in-store commerce and helps retailers create a true omnichannel experience for their customers. They are a cloud-based Order Management System (OMS) that enables their customers to manage orders across all their sales channels. Their SaaS solution enables efficient workflows throughout the entire process, and provides their customers with consistent touchpoints and a unified shopping experience.

Thanks to their integration with Ongoing, the order management becomes even more efficient due to the seamless order data transfer between Omnium and the warehouse. Combining Ongoing WMS and Omnium helps you being more efficient in your warehouse independent on the sales channel.



Orders with a specified status can be automatically or manually exported from Omnium to Ongoing WMS. When the order status is updated in Ongoing, this will be picked up by Omnium and the updates from the WMS will be reflected in Omnium.

Purchase orders

When a delivery is created in Omnium, it can be set up to be exported to Ongoing as a purchase order used to advise the warehouse of incoming deliveries. The delivery in Omnium will automatically be updated when the goods are received by the warehouse.

Stock balance updates

The integration can be set up to update the stock levels in Omnium from Ongoing.


Products are pushed automatically from Omnium to Ongoing. If a change is made in Omnium, it will be reflected automatically in Ongoing WMS.