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Integration between Ongoing Warehouse and plentymarkets

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plentymarkets is an ERP with a focus on e-commerce. Ongoing has developed an integration with plentymarkets.


Article registry

Ongoing Warehouse pulls article registry updates from plentymarkets. plentymarkets contains the master data.

Sales orders

Ongoing Warehouse automatically reads sales orders from plentymarkets. When orders are fulfilled, the WMS books the order in plentymarkets and sends over all tracking numbers.


Ongoing Warehouse automatically reads reorders ("purchase orders") from plentymarkets. When a reorder has been received in the WMS, the WMS books the reorder in plentymarkets.

Stock balance

Stock balance is sent from Ongoing Warehouse to plentymarkets.


For us at Ongoing Warehouse to implement the plentymarkets integration, we will need a plentymarkets user with API access, and also the URL for the API.