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Integration between Ongoing WMS and PowerOffice Go

Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration with the ERP system PowerOffice Go. This integration makes it possible for businesses which use PowerOffice Go to easily outsource their warehouse needs to a 3PL company which uses Ongoing WMS. The integration can also be used by businesses who run PowerOffice Go and who want to run their own warehouse using Ongoing WMS. By passing information electronically between PowerOffice Go and Ongoing WMS, many manual tasks concerning products and invoices are eliminated or reduced. As a complement to the integration, users of PowerOffice Go can also be given direct access to the WMS.

The integration works well together with the Ongoing workflow. It uses the PowerOffice Go API.

Note that the information in this document might differ from your integration if any special requests were made during the implementation of the integration.

Table of contents

Scheduled functions

Products and invoices are synced automatically from PowerOffice Go to Ongoing WMS, every 15 minutes.

Article registry

Products are read automatically from PowerOffice Go to Ongoing WMS. If a change is made in PowerOffice Go, it will be reflected automatically in Ongoing WMS.


By default, all products that have been updated in PowerOffice Go will be synced to Ongoing WMS.

Field mapping

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Ongoing WMS field name Power Office Go field name
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleNumberProduct ⇒ Code
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleNameProduct ⇒ Name
ArticleDefinition ⇒ CustomerPriceProduct ⇒ SalesPrice
ArticleDefinition ⇒ PurchasePriceProduct ⇒ CostPrice
ArticleDefinition ⇒ BarCodeProduct ⇒ Gtin
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleDescriptionProduct ⇒ Description
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleUnitCodeProduct ⇒ Unit
ArticleGroupSet to the first product group on the product


Invoices are read automatically from PowerOffice Go to Ongoing WMS.


By default, all invoices which are paid will be synced to Ongoing WMS.

Field mapping

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Ongoing WMS field name Power Office Go field name
OrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderIdInvoice ⇒ Invoice id
OrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderNumberInvoice ⇒ Order no
OrderInfo ⇒ DeliveryDateInvoice ⇒ DeliveryDate (if set, else current date)
OrderInfo ⇒ TermsOfDeliveryTypeInvoice ⇒ DeliveryTerm
OrderInfo ⇒ ProductionCodeInvoice ⇒ DocumentNo
OrderInfo ⇒ ReferenceNumberInvoice ⇒ CustomerReference
OrderInfo ⇒ OrderNotification ⇒ EmailInvoice ⇒CustomerEmail
OrderInfo ⇒ OrderNotification ⇒ NotifyByEmailSet to true if CustomerEmail is set
OrderInfo ⇒ OrderNotification ⇒ MobilePhoneInvoice ⇒Customer ⇒ PhoneNumber
OrderInfo ⇒ OrderNotification ⇒ NotifyBySmsset to true if PhoneNumber is set
Customer ⇒ NumberCustomer ⇒ MailAddress/StreetAddress** ⇒ CustomerCode
Customer ⇒ Namecustomer ⇒ MailAddress/StreetAddress** ⇒ Leagal Name + Name + LastName
Customer ⇒ Addresscustomer ⇒ MailAddress/StreetAddress** ⇒ Address1
Customer ⇒ Address2customer ⇒ MailAddress/StreetAddress** ⇒Address2
Customer ⇒ PostCodecustomer ⇒ MailAddress/StreetAddress** ⇒ZipCode
Customer ⇒ Citycustomer ⇒ MailAddress/StreetAddress** ⇒ City
Customer ⇒ CountryCodecustomer ⇒ mailAddress/StreetAddress** ⇒ CountryCode
Orderline ⇒ ExternalOrderLineCodeInvoice ⇒ Invoice Line ⇒ Id
Orderline ⇒ ArticleNumberInvoice ⇒ Invoice Line ⇒ ProductCode
Orderline ⇒ NumberOfItemsInvoice ⇒ Invoice Line ⇒ Qty
Orderline ⇒ LinePriceInvoice ⇒ Invoice Line ⇒ Qty * UnitPrice
Orderline ⇒ CurrencyCodeInvoice ⇒ CurrencyCode
Orderline ⇒ DiscountInvoice → Invoice Line ⇒ DiscountPercent
Orderline ⇒ CustomerLinePriceInvoice → Invoice Line ⇒ NetAmount
Orderline ⇒ LinePriceInvoice → Invoice Line ⇒ Qty * UnitPrice
Orderline ⇒ OrderLineCommentInvoice → Invoice Line ⇒ Description
OrderTextLine ⇒ ExternalOrderLineCodeInvoice ⇒ Invoice Line ⇒ Id
OrderTextLine ⇒ NumberOfItems1
OrderTextLine ⇒ OrderLineCommentInvoice ⇒ Invoice Line ⇒ Description

Invoice lines of type text is saved as order text lines in Ongoing WMS, and lines of other types are stored as order lines.
* = effected by filters or settings. The set value might vary, or it might not be used by default.
** = the delivery address is taken from customer ⇒ mailAddress if it is set, else from customer ⇒ streetAddress

Stock balance

Stock balance is sent from Ongoing WMS to PowerOffice Go.

Video on the integration

Getting Started

To configure this integration Ongoing WMS will need an Application Key to the PowerOffice Go API. Please ask PowerOffice to generate these.

Please see this guide on how to set up an integration between PowerOffice Go and your Ongoing WMS.