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Integration between Ongoing Warehouse and PrestaShop

PrestaShop is one of the world's most popular ecommerce platforms. With the integration to PrestaShop a fulfillment provider can connect their customer's platform and seamlessly perform the logistics tasks in Ongoing WMS.


Article registry

Ongoing Warehouse pulls article registry updates from PrestaShop to the WMS. PrestaShop contains the master data.


The WMS downloads new and updated orders which are not yet handled. If an order is updated, the change is transferred unless the warehouse workers have started working on it. When orders are fulfilled, the WMS marks the order as completed (A history row are added to Prestashop and the current status is changed.).

Stock balance

Stock balance is sent from Ongoing Warehouse to PrestaShop. The WMS should be master data when it comes to available stock. This is especially important if you sell across multiple channels.

Technical Details

The integration uses PrestaShop's web service.