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Prime Penguin's Ongoing WMS Integration

Prime Penguin enable the e-shops to establish single or multiple warehouses, around the globe, all with full control of the warehouse activities in Prime Penguins cloud-based interface. A plug-and-play connection between e-commerce platforms and the logistic company's WMS enable logistics outsourcing and internationalization in a new way. Prime Penguins carefully selected 3PL partners offer full-service logistics in modern facilities.

Prime Penguin is a network cloud-based platform, enabling plug-and-play logistics for e-shops through selected 3PL companies. E-shops connects to Prime Penguin for outsourcing of their logistics. Prime Penguin has an integration setup between Ongoing WMS and sales channels making the connection a breeze.


With the integration to Ongoing WMS, Prime Penguin can provide their customers with market leading 3PL services via numerous 3PL companies by utilizing Ongoing WMS API. Prime Penguin syncs orders, products and warehouse events between Ongoing WMS and E-commerce platforms, giving the e-shops a real-time view of their order and warehouse activities.

Getting started

Please contact Prime Penguin for more information about the integration.