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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Seven Senders

Seven Senders is a German company which provides a shipping solution.


Make transport bookings directly from Ongoing WMS

You can create a shipment in Seven Senders based on an order in Ongoing WMS. All information about the shipment can be entered into Ongoing WMS, and then transferred to Seven Senders at the click of a button.

Make shipment information visible in Ongoing

When the shipment in Seven Senders has been booked, Ongoing WMS will receive a response from Seven Senders containing tracking numbers. Shipping labels can be printed automatically via the Ongoing Printer Service or be saved as a PDF file on the order in Ongoing WMS.


The following data is required to set up an integration with Seven Senders:

  1. API Key

After you have gathered this information, please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Ongoing WMS and Seven Senders.