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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Sharespine

Sharespine integrates Ongoing WMS to ERP, POS, eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces.

There is a strong integration between Ongoing WMS and Sharespine.

Sharespine has a specific integration that connects Ongoing WMS with e-commerce systems, marketplaces, ERP systems and POS. The integration automates order- product- and warehouse flows, regardless of if your products are sold in a single webshop or on multiple marketplaces.

Sharespine's integration retrieves articles from webshops, ERP systems, POS and marketplaces to create them in Ongoing WMS. The integration also synchs the stock balances and keeps the warehouse information updated in all sales outlets.

Sharespine also retrieves and creates orders in Ongoing WMS. As soon as an order has been shipped and a tracking number has been obtained from the shipping agent, Sharespine collects tracking data (shipping agent and tracking number) and synchs the information back to the order's system of origin. When the order is marked as delivered in Ongoing WMS, Sharespine creates an invoice in your ERP system. The payment from your payment service and the invoice are then posted simultaneously.

The integration between Sharespine and Ongoing also means that additional strong integrations to other systems exist through Sharespine's integration platform. Systems that may be integrated through Ongoing WMS are, among others, Woocommerce, Shopify, Abicart, ERP, Fortnox, Visma administration, Visma Accounting, Visma eEkonomi, Visma e-conomic and Sitoo POS. Sharespine is also capable of integrating other market places such as Elgiganten, Afound, CDON and Åhléns Marketplace.

Proven and stable premium integrations for commerce.

Sharespine offers integrations that automate various processes and give you more time to focus on growth. Sharespine has a large selection of pre-made integration packages that make your webshop more efficent and give you better conditions to grow and handle an increased order flow.

About Sharespine

Sharespine is a Nordic IPaaS-company (Integration-Platform-as-a-Service) that offers premium integrations to e-retailers who want to streamline their operations. We host our own integration platform with integrations to different areas of trade where we tie together ERP systems and e-commerce with marketplaces, pay bills, cash registers, and logistics systems. Our expertise originates in deep technical knowledge of automating flows that are eliminating manual work and creates conditions for growth.