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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Shipmondo

Shipmondo is a cloud-based delivery management system. Integrating Shipmondo and Ongoing WMS enables you to automate the shipment creation and label printing process across multiple carriers.


Make transport bookings directly from Ongoing WMS

You can create a shipment in Shipmondo based on an order in Ongoing WMS. All information about the shipment (address, number of packages etc) can be entered into Ongoing WMS, and then transferred to Shipmondo at the click of a button. A return shipment can also be created if there is a return transport service selected in Ongoing WMS.

If you are using Shipmondo's order management feature or shipping module feature, it is also possible for Ongoing WMS to create a shipment based on the Shipmondo sales order. For this to work, Ongoing WMS needs to receive a prepared shipment ID via the integration to the sales channel.

Customs information

Ongoing WMS helps minimizing manual customs work by automatically transfering the customs information to Shipmondo. This includes export reason, terms of trade and currency code on order level and quantity, country code, content, commodity code, unit value and unit weight for each picked item.


Ongoing WMS supports Shipmondo's BulkSplit service for bulk shipments. Get in touch with your contact person at Ongoing for setup.

Make shipment information visible in Ongoing WMS

When the shipment in Shipmondo has been booked, Ongoing WMS will receive a response from Shipmondo which contains tracking information for the shipment.


Ongoing WMS fetches the label from Shipmondo and printouts can be triggered from Ongoing WMS. Ongoing WMS has support for ZPL, PDF or PNG labels.

Combining this with Ongoing WMS print service creates large efficiency improvements in your packing process. Read more about printing in Ongoing WMS here.

Default setup

The order is sent to Shipmondo when the Send button is pressed in Ongoing WMS.

If the shipment validates, tracking information will be returned to Ongoing WMS immediately.


You will need an API key from Shipmondo to set up the integration in Ongoing WMS. You can find the API key by logging into the Shipmondo dashboard and going to "API Keys".

After you have gathered this information, please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Ongoing WMS and Shipmondo.