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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Viskan

Viskan is an omnichannel e-commerce platform. Viskan has a REST-API which the integration is built against. Using Ongoing WMS together with Viskan will give you access to features such as scanning goods on inbound and outbound, efficient stock-taking, automatic label printing and batch-picking of orders to name a few.

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The integration pulls articles, orders, purchase orders, returns and suppliers from Viskan and reports back orders, purchase orders and returns if the status of the these are updated. Default is to not report back the stock balance. At first sync the whole article registry at Viskan is synced to Ongoing WMS.

Article Registry

Ongoing WMS pulls article registry updates from Viskan. Viskan contains the master data. Articles in Ongoing WMS are mapped to stock keeping units in Viskan since the Products in Viskan contains stock keeping units with different attributes, which is not supported in Ongoing WMS. Each stock keeping units in Viskan is therefore a seperate Article in Ongoing WMS. Thus, information from both the Products and their stock keeping units is used to create Articles, which can be seen in the field mapping.

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field name Viskan field name
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleNumberProduct ⇒ ProductNumber
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleNameProduct ⇒ ProductName + StockKeepingUnit ⇒ Attribute1Code + StockKeepingUnit ⇒ Attribute2Code + StockKeepingUnit ⇒ Attribute3Code
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ArticleDescriptionProduct ⇒ Translations ⇒ LongDescription
ArticleDefinition ⇒ Weight*Product ⇒ StockKeepingUnit ⇒ Weight*
ArticleDefinition ⇒ Volume**Product ⇒ StockKeepingUnit ⇒ Volume**
ArticleDefinition ⇒ CustomerPriceProduct ⇒ StockKeepingUnit ⇒ Prices ⇒ UnitPrice
ArticleDefinition ⇒ PurchaseCurrencyCodeProduct ⇒ StockKeepingUnit ⇒ Prices ⇒ CurrencyCode
ArticleDefinition ⇒ BarCodeProduct ⇒ StockKeepingUnit ⇒ EuropeanArticleNumber
ArticleDefinition ⇒ ProductCodeProduct ⇒ StockKeepingUnit ⇒ StockKeepingUnitId

* Conversion from g to kg

** Conversion from mm^3 to m^3


Ongoing WMS automatically reads deliveries from Viskan and creates orders in Ongoing WMS. When an order is fulfilled in Ongoing WMS, this is reported back to Viskan where the delivery is updated with the delivered quantities and tracking info.

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field name Viskan field name
OrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderIdDelivery ⇒ DeliveryId
OrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderNumberDelivery ⇒ DeliveryNumber
OrderInfo ⇒ DeliveryDateDelivery ⇒ OrderDate
OrderInfo ⇒ WayOfDeliveryDelivery ⇒ DeliveryMethod ⇒ MethodName
OrderInfo ⇒ CustomerPriceDelivery ⇒ Value ⇒ Total
Orderline ⇒ ExternalOrderLineCodeDelivery ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ RowId
Orderline ⇒ ArticleNumberDelivery ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ StockKeepingUnitId
Orderline ⇒ NumberOfItemsDelivery ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ Quantity
Customer ⇒ NameDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ FirstName + Delivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ LastName
Customer ⇒ AddressDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ DeliveryAddress ⇒ AddressLine1
Customer ⇒ PostCodeDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ DeliveryAddress ⇒ Zipcode
Customer ⇒ CityDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ DeliveryAddress ⇒ City
Customer ⇒ CountryCodeDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ DeliveryAddress ⇒ CountryCode
Customer ⇒ EmailDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ EmailAddress
Customer ⇒ MobilePhoneDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ Cellphone
Customer ⇒ NotifyByEmailDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ EmailAddress (If the field has value)
Customer ⇒ NotifyBySMSDelivery ⇒ Customer ⇒ Cellphone (If the field has value)

Purchase Orders

Ongoing WMS automatically reads purchase orders from Viskan. When the purchase order is delivered to the warehouse and stocked, it is reported back to Viskan.

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field name Viskan field name
InOrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderNumberPurchaseOrder ⇒ PurchaseOrderId
InOrderline ⇒ ExternalOrderLineCodePurchaseOrder ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ RowId
InOrderline ⇒ ArticleNumberPurchaseOrder ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ StockKeepingUnitId
InOrderline ⇒ NumberOfItemsPurchaseOrder ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ Quantity
InOrderSupplier ⇒ SupplierNamePurchaseOrder ⇒ Supplier ⇒ SupplierName
InOrderSupplier ⇒ SupplierNumberPurchaseOrder ⇒ Supplier ⇒ SupplierId


Ongoing WMS automatically reads returns from Viskan. The returns are handled as purchase orders in Ongoing WMS and thus turns up in the same list as all the purchase orders. The difference is that the purchase orders that originate from return orders in Viskan are tagged as returns, which can be seen if they are expanded in Ongoing WMS. When the returns have been delivered and stocked, they are reported back to Viskan.

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field name Viskan field name
InOrderInfo ⇒ GoodsOwnerOrderNumberReturn ⇒ ReturnId
InOrderInfo ⇒ IsReturnTypetrue
InOrderline ⇒ ExternalOrderLineCodeReturn ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ RowId
InOrderline ⇒ ArticleNumberReturn ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ StockKeepingUnitId
InOrderline ⇒ NumberOfItemsReturn ⇒ Rows Item ⇒ Quantity

Supplier Registry

All suppliers are synced automatically from Viskan to Ongoing WMS.

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field name Viskan field name
Supplier ⇒ SupplierNameSupplier ⇒ SupplierName
Supplier ⇒ SupplierNumberSupplier ⇒ SupplierId

Stock balance

When the stock balance differs in Ongoing WMS and Viskan, the balance is updated in Viskan with the balance from Ongoing WMS.

Default settings and considerations

  1. Synchronization interval.
    Default: Every 15 minutes. It is usually a suitable balance between responsiveness and band-width usage.
  2. Do you have any variant of your articles without unique article numbers? For example, colors, sizes, packaging.
    Default: No.
  3. Sync of stock balance back to Viskan.
    Default: false

Get started

To set up the integration between Viskan and Ongoing WMS the following information is needed:

Please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Viskan and your Ongoing WMS.