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Integration between Ongoing Warehouse and Visma eAccounting (Swedish: Visma eEkonomi)

Visma eAccounting is Visma's web-based accounting system for small companies. If the business involves extensive warehousing it is beneficial to focus on your core business and outsource your fulfilment process to an Ongoing Warehouse-powered third-party logistics provider. Ongoing Warehouse has made that easily achievable by developing an integration between eAccounting and Ongoing WMS. The integration provides the required functionality to make the logistics information flow seamlessly.


The integration contains the following processes and features. The processes can be independently switched on or off. If not otherwise mentioned, all processed are turned on by default.

Article registry

Ongoing Warehouse pulls article registry updates from Visma to the WMS. Visma contains the master data. The following data is transmitted:

If additional fields exist in the API they can also be transmitted but is not transmitted by default.


The WMS downloads new and updated orders which are not yet handled. If an order is updated, the change is transferred unless the warehouse workers have started working on it.

Ongoing Warehouse pulls the following information for the order:

When an order is fulfilled by the warehouse, the delivered quantity is updated and the status is updated to shipped in Visma.

Stock balance updates

Ongoing Warehouse manages the stock balances and continuously synchronizes these with Visma.


Please contact Ongoing Warehouse for configuration.