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Integration between Ongoing Warehouse and Visma Global

Visma Global is an ERP system made by Visma, intended to be used to middle-sized businesses.

The Norwegian company PCSS has developed an integration between the Ongoing Warehouse Management System and Visma Global. The integration makes it possible for companies which are using Visma Global to outsource their warehousing to a 3PL company that is using Ongoing WMS. It can also be used by companies that prefer to use Ongoing WMS internally againt Visma Global. The electronic information exchange between Ongoing WMS and Visma Global reduces manual processes such as handling order reserves, order statuses and not least that users get direct access to Ongoing WMS.

The integration supports Ongoing's workflow and uses VAF components for generation orders into Ongoing WMS.


Retrieve stock values

All stock values are retrieved from Ongoing WMS and updated in Visma Global.

Read orders

Orders are read from Ongoing WMS, the corresponding amounts are updated on the associated orders in Visma Global and the order statuses are changed accordingly.
Note that since Ongoing outbound orders has no residue information, the residue is either deleted or a new order with delete will be created, with a link to the old order.

Read inbound orders

Inbound orders are read from Ongoing WMS and the received amount is updated on the associated inbound order in Visma Global.

Export articles

Articles are exported from Visma Global to Ongoing WMS.

Export customers

Customers are exported from Visma Global to Ongoing WMS.

Export orders

Confirmed orders are exported from Visma Global to Ongoing WMS.

Export inbound orders

Inbound orders are exported from Visma Global to Ongoing WMS.

A Visma Global order will create a delivery in Ongoing WMS via the export function. Then, it is possible to retrieve stock values, order statuses and inbound orders.


Please contact PCSS if you are interested in this integration.

For information in Norwegian, see this link.