Ongoing WMS and Webshipper order integration

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Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration with the Danish delivery management system Webshipper which can sync orders from Webshipper and create them in Ongoing WMS.

The integration works well together with the Ongoing WMS workflow. It uses the Webshipper API. Most functions run every 15 minutes, but some functions are based on user actions.

Scheduled functions

Some functions in the integration run on a schedule. Orders are synced automatically from Webshipper to Ongoing WMS.


Orders are read automatically from Webshipper to Ongoing WMS.

Field mapping

Show field mapping

Ongoing WMS field name Webshipper field name
Order info ⇒ Order numberOrder ⇒ id
Order info ⇒ Goods owner order idOrder ⇒ Visible reference
Order info ⇒ Customs currencyOrder ⇒ Currency
Order info ⇒ Order remarkOrder ⇒ External comment
Order info ⇒ Warehouse instructionOrder ⇒ Internal comment
Customer ⇒ AddressDelivery address ⇒ Address1
Customer ⇒ Address2Delivery address ⇒ Address2
Customer ⇒ CityDelivery address ⇒ City
Customer ⇒ Country codeDelivery address ⇒ Country code
Customer ⇒ Country state codeDelivery address ⇒ State
Customer ⇒ EmailDelivery address ⇒ Email
Customer ⇒ NameDelivery address ⇒ Att. contact or Company name
Customer ⇒ MobileDelivery address ⇒ Phone
Customer ⇒ NameDelivery address ⇒ Name
Customer ⇒ Post codeDelivery address ⇒ Zip
Customer ⇒ VAT numberDelivery address ⇒ Vat number
Order line ⇒ Article numberOrder line ⇒ Sku
Order line ⇒ Article nameOrder line ⇒ Description
Order line ⇒ Number of itemsOrder line ⇒ Quantity
Order line ⇒ DiscountOrder line ⇒ Discount value
Order line ⇒ Should be picked?Order line ⇒ Is virtual (pick if line is virtual)
Order line ⇒ Customs valueOrder line ⇒ Quantity * Discounted unit price


By default, any orders matching the following filter in Webshipper are synced to Ongoing WMS. Note that if the order exists in Ongoing WMS, it will only be updated if the status of the order in Ongoing WMS allows it to be updated!

Show filters

Webshipper field name Default filter
Order ⇒ StatusPending
Order ⇒ Updated atLater than the last time the integration synced
Order ⇒ Order channel idProvided on setup

Functions based on user actions

Outbound deliveries

When an order has been set to status Sent or Collected in Ongoing WMS a call is sent to the Webshipper API to create a shipment for the order. This will also update status of the order, and the status of each order line. If all order lines are picked the status of the order will be updated to dispatched, and the status for each order line will be updated to dispatched. If only some order lines are picked the order status will be updated to partly_dispatched, and the status for each picked order line will be updated.

Any eventually created labels for the shipment will be downloaded to Ongoing WMS, which can be setup to automatically print the labels using the Ongoing Printer Service..

Note that at most one shipment can be created per order.


To configure this integration Ongoing WMS will need the account name of the Webshipper account, and an API token. The account name can be found in the URL when you use Webshipper, where the URL will look like The API token is generated inside Webshipper by navigating to Settings -> Access and tokens, and then using the button Create API token. This integration needs the following scopes: