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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Wismotion

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Wismotion is a real-time transportation visibility platform for retailers, manufacturers and 3PLs. We closely monitor your deliveries and returns, alerting you if there’s any need for action. Logistics professionals will know what’s going on in the network just now. Customer care representatives can answer questions about specific orders and their status without effort. Customers will know where their merchandise is and how they can receive in convenience.


Get orders and transportation bookings directly from Ongoing WMS

Wismotion gets order and transportation booking information directly from Ongoing WMS through standard API integration and keeps track of the order progress within the warehouse. After the order is picked up by the transportation provider status information is provided in real-time from the provider.

Monitor and track order and shipments in real-time

With Wismotion, real-time data is transformed into visual insights on your screen, letting you detect and solve potential issues before it’s too late. Your personalized monitoring dashboard makes it easy to: Get a helicopter view of the current situation, zoom in to find the items with risk potential, take informed, timely action.

Search, tag, and share with ease

Wismotion gathers all your event information in one place. This helps you interact smoothly with stakeholders, service providers, and customers alike. Find an order, shipment, or product by entering search terms in a search bar: just like Google! Intelligent automatic tags, combined with manual notes keep the whole team updated. Smart connectors make it super-easy to share information.

Be proactive and give your customers a great experience

Give your customers a great last-mile experience. Wismotion bundles all the tools you need to send reliable customer notifications in line with your corporate design. With our order tracking widget customers access real-time information about delivery status, location, estimated delivery date, and shipment content on your site.

Continuous improvement and performance analysis

Measure how well you perform in terms of delivery! Then set benchmarks and track your progress. Our intuitive tool covers all the KPIs that really matter.

Quick start and Rapid ROI

The Wismotion visibility platform help merchants to improve both operational efficiency and customer service while lowering cost.

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Your personalized monitoring dashboard transforms real-time data into visual insights on your screen.

Default setup

Wismotion will automatically get orders and transportation bookings from Ongoing WMS. No integration with your TA/TMS system is needed. Wismotion will get real-time status updates directly from your transportation providers.


It is super easy to get started, all we need is your keys to Ongoing WMS. We will then setup your transportation providers and request keys for status updates. You will be up and running in less than a day.

Please contact Wismotion for more information about the integration.