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Integration between Ongoing WMS and WiX

Are you using Wix as your webshop platform and are experiencing problems with inventory sync issues or have performance issues because you have a large number of products to handle? If you wish to scale your business you may want to adopt a Warehouse Management System (WMS). With Ongoing WMS you will have an array of new features at your fingertips: batch-picking, getting efficient picking routes, detailed warehouse maps, device-agnostic scanning to reduce pick and pack mistakes, automatic label printing, efficient bulk editing of products and orders, and many more features.

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You can integrate WiX with Ongoing WMS by using Prime Penguin or Sharespine. Both of these platforms offer integrations as a service and can connect many different systems to Ongoing WMS. So if you are a third-party logistics provider (3PL), know that you can onboard new customers using Wix with ease!