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Integration between Ongoing WMS and xCash


xCash Sweden AB has developed software for POS computers since 1991. They are a company driven by innovation and has delivered thousands of POS systems to businesses throughout Sweden.

Their software XCPOS is a complete POS system suitable for most businesses. Connect multiple cash registers or stores and let Ongoing WMS sync your articles, stock, and orders.

Integration workflow

  1. The article is scanned in the POS system XCPOS which in turn fetches the article from Ongoing WMS and adds it to the local POS database. It is also possible to search for articles by name. Product categories and VAT are then automatically added to the POS database.
  2. Once the article is scanned, a pop-up window enables the user to choose a goods location from where to pick. A picking list is then printed from the receipt printer.
  3. The transaction is completed, and the order is automatically transferred to Ongoing WMS where the products are allocated and the stock balance adjusted.
  4. At the end of the day, a daily report is created and automatically transferred to Fortnox.

Simple customer specific adjustments can be made at the time of installation and training.

Contact xCash if you want to know more about the integrations or their POS solutions.