API access

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Ongoing WMS exposes several Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which allow third parties to integrate directly with Ongoing WMS. We have a developer page which contains technical information about our APIs.

There are three APIs:

  1. Goods owner REST API
  2. Goods owner SOAP API
  3. Automation API

The goods owner APIs are used when a specific goods owner wants to integrate with Ongoing WMS, for instance if the goods owner wants to integrate their web shop with Ongoing WMS. An API user for the goods owner API only has access to a single goods owner.

The automation API is used when the external system needs very fine-grained control over Ongoing WMS, for instance if you want to integrate a storage lift with Ongoing WMS. Crucially, an API user for the automation API has access to all goods owners.

Goods owner API (SOAP and REST)

To grant someone access to the goods owner API for a particular goods owner, there are two steps:

  1. Allow API access for the goods owner in question.
  2. Create an API username and password.
The same API username will work for both the SOAP and REST goods owner APIs.

Step 1: allowing API access to the goods owner

Go to Administration ⇒ API for goods owners:

Settings menu with circled button

There you will see a list of all your goods owners. You can also see which goods owners have been granted access to the API:

List of goods owners where some already have API access.

Let's say you want to grant access to Demo Goods Owner. Click on the icon next to its name, and then press Allow API access:

How to allow API access

Step 2: creating API usernames and passwords

When API access has been allowed for a goods owner, you will now be able to create API users. This is also done in Administration ⇒ API for goods owners.

Note that each API user can only belong to one goods owner.

After you have selected a goods owner in Administration ⇒ API for goods owners there will be a box called API user Fill in a username, password and email address. You must also select the type of integration, i.e., the name of the external system. If you can't find the correct system in the list, select Other and type in the name directly below (in the example, we have filled in "Your System"). Then click Create.

Form filled out with API user info and integration info

If you check Send user credentials..., the system will send all the necessary integration information to the email address you filled in. Note that the username must start with "WSI" (which stands for "Web Service Integration").

If all went well, you will see the new user in the list:

List of all current API users

Access to invoice data

By default, an API user for the goods owner APIs cannot access any invoice data. That means that any call to GetInvoicesByQuery or to the /invoiceCharges endpoint will be blocked.

If you want the API user to have access to invoice data, you have to check Allow this user to see invoicing information in the API on the API user.

Automation API

To create an API username and password for the Automation API, go to Administration ⇒ API for automation. Then click Create new user. Enter the following information

Then click Create.