The benefits of using the web-based WMS Ongoing WMS for 3PL's customers

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For you as a goods owner it is important that the people who manage your inventory and logistics handling, have a competent Warehouse Management System (WMS) that is easy to integrate with your ERP systems, Web shops and other surrounding systems such as transport- and distribution systems.

The fact that Ongoing WMS is web-based means transparency. You can log in to view information about your products such as stock balance, traceability and much more. Many logistics providers use the web-based warehouse system, Ongoing WMS, which is the most widely used warehouse management system (WMS) in the Nordic region as well as it is used in several other countries in Europe.

Below we have listed five advantages of using Ongoing WMS seen from your point of view as a goods owner:

1. Ready-made integrations

Integrations make life easier as manual work disappears, reducing lead-times and the risk of errors.

Ongoing WMS has already developed integrations to the most used ERP systems, web shops and transport administrative systems. If you have any of these systems, it's quick and easy to integrate with Ongoing WMS. This saves you time and money because the integration is already done.

An integrated flow of goods can for example be set-up like this; purchasing orders and orders with article and customer information automatically transmitted to Ongoing WMS for pick and pack, and then electronically sent to one or several shipping platforms for further distribution to customers. Ongoing WMS' ready-made integrations with major transport- and distributions systems, such as nShift and shipcloud, makes it quick and easy to deliver your products to your customers. Ongoing WMS, with integrations to surrounding systems in the logistics chain, is thus a complete system set-up that can be quickly implemented for your product flow.

Click here to see which systems Ongoing WMS has made integration to and what the integrations include.

2. An open and well-documented API (technical interface)

Ongoing WMS exposes a standardized Application Programming Interface (or API) which third parties can use to integrate with the system. This makes it possible for any external system to send and retrieve information from Ongoing WMS. Either the adjoining system supplier can do the integration, or you can hire a consultant, or let your own developer do the integration by using the API. This means that any party with system knowledge can quickly and easily integrate a system with Ongoing WMS.

To see what integrations have been made by different partners via the Ongoing WMS API, click here

For more information about the API and how it works, see Ongoing WMS' Developer site.

3. Quick and easy to set up efficient handling of your goods

Ongoing WMS is a standard system that has acquired extensive system expertise over the past ten years to effectively set up different types of product flows in the system. Ongoing WMS has the standard features and standard components needed to quickly and efficiently set-up the most common goods flows. This allows efficient handling in the warehouse to a low cost. Examples of standard features in Ongoing WMS are e-commerce picking, frozen / refrigerated goods (expire date), serial number, batch picking, and much more.

In Ongoing WMS, you can also quickly set up different types of standard scannings to streamline the handling of your goods and reduce errors.

For more info about Ongoing WMS' standard scanning functions, click here.

4. Keep track of your goods 24/7 through Customer Log-in

Ongoing WMS is web-based, which means that you can log-in to the system at any time to get all relevant information about your products. It is a big advantage for you. You avoid unnecessary and time-consuming communication with your logistics provider. If you are wondering about something or quickly need information you can easily access the system yourself. You can for example see inventory balance, monitor and follow up orders, see track & trace and much more. When using scanning, you can in real-time follow inbound- and outbound deliveries. You can also see different types of statistics, for example to follow up that the handling of your goods is managed efficiently. Another advantage is that you have full traceability of your goods, which is a great benefit if your products require serial number or batch handling.

To read more about Ongoing WMS' customer log-in, click here.

5. A robust and market leading WMS means safety

For you as a goods owner, it is safe for both you and your products to employ a proven WMS used by many companies in Sweden, Scandinavia and other countries. Ongoing WMS is the most widely used warehouse system in the Nordic region with approximately 3,000 companies’ products running in the system and thousands of people using it daily. The software company Ongoing Warehouse AB, which is behind the system, is specialized in Warehouse Management Systems and has been in existence for ten years. The company is growing steadily, has a very sound economy, and continuously develops new features and improvements in the system.

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