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GS1 is a non-profit international standardization organization that designs and implements global supply chain standards. These standards create a framework enabling the secure movement of products, services, and associated information. The most commonly used standard is the barcode, which Ongoing WMS supports for generating and scanning.

Generating GS1 Barcodes

There are several different GS1 standards. One of the more commonly used is the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). In Ongoing WMS, a number series can be defined to generate unique SSCC numbers, tied to article items or pallet items. An example of a GS1 barcode containing SSCC and batch number can be seen below:

Example of GS1 barcode generated by Ongoing WMS

Contact your representative at Ongoing if you want to generate GS1 barcodes.

Scanning GS1 Barcodes

In contrast to generating barcodes in GS1 formats, Ongoing WMS also supports scanning GS1 barcodes and parsing out the information. Contact your representative at Ongoing if you want to scan GS1 barcodes.

Video on goods reception using GS1 barcodes

Video on receiving and labeling goods with GS1 SSCC labels