Creating a kit article, or article structure

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A "kit", or structure article, lets you define an article in terms of other articles. For instance, you may define a "football kit article" as consisting of a football and a ball pump. To create a new article structure and link it to an already existing article, follow the steps below.

Note that the "kit" article is not being kept in stock. Only the underlying articles are kept in stock (in the below example, footballs and ball pumps). When an order for a football kit is received, the order can be allocated if there is at least one football and one ball pump in stock. Furthermore, changes to an article structure are only applied to new orders. If there already exists an order and you change the kit article, the existing order will not be affected. The order must be deleted and then recreated for the kit article change to take effect.

Step 1 - Open the Articles menu

Make sure you have selected the correct goods owner ("Test AB" in this case). Go to Warehouse and select Articles.

Location of the Articled menu in the Warehouse settings tab.

Step 2 - Create a new article structure

Fill out the form to create a new article. An Article Number is mandatory. In the Article kind drop, choose Kit Article Fill in the optionally information, such as Article Name (in this case a Football kit), Unit, Supplier, etc. and then click Create.

Form for creating a new article filled out with article name and article number, and the Kit article checkbox is ticked.

Step 3 - Locate the new article structure

From the list of articles, filter the list to locate the new article (in this case "123123"). On the far right, press the "Edit" for this article.

Filtered article list with edit button circled.

Step 4 - Link articles

From this article view (where articles properties also can be modified/added), under "Packaging/Production" select the "Add new Structure row".

View of the article details with the section about packaging and production circled.

A box will now appear. In this box, from the drop-down list (or use the search fields above), select the article you wish to link to this "kit" (in this example, a football). Then specify how many items of this article that should be included in the "kit" and press "Create".

Filled out form for adding new structure row.

To link more articles to the "kit", repeat the above step and then go to the last step.

Step 5 - Review and update the article structure

Overview of the structure rows which have been added to the article.

When all information and links have been added (in this example, one football and one ball pump have been linked to a "Football kit"), press the "Update" button at the bottom of the page. This creates an article structure.

Video on kit articles