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Integration between Ongoing WMS and 24SevenOffice

24SevenOffice is a Norwegian software company who develops and sells their web-based ERP system with the same name. Ongoing WMS offers two different integrations between its WMS and 24SevenOffice

WMS integration

Focus on your core business and outsource your fulfillment process to an Ongoing WMS-powered third-party logistics provider. Ongoing WMS has made that easily achievable by developing an integration between 24SevenOffice and Ongoing WMS. The integration provides the required functionality to make the logistics information flow seamlessly.

Invoicing integration

If you are a 3PL provider and use Ongoing WMS for your business process and 24SevenOffice for invoicing, you may connect the Ongoing WMS invoicing module to 24SevenOffice. In that way you may export your invoice specification to 24SevenOffice and reduce manual work in your periodic invoicing process.