Integration between Ongoing WMS and Amazon

Amazon is the largest eCommerce company in the world. Among other things, it provides a platform for third-party retailers to sell their products on the Amazon platform. If you are a third-party retailer whose warehouse uses Ongoing WMS for order fulfilment, you can connect Ongoing WMS to Amazon.

There is no direct integration between Ongoing WMS with Amazon. Instead, you need to use another system as the middleman service. There are two options.

Dedicated marketplace service

There are services which provide a hub for multiple marketplaces. When an order is placed in a marketplace such as Amazon, it goes into the marketplace service, and from there it can be sent to Ongoing WMS. Examples include:

Using your ERP or ecommerce platform as a middleman

In some cases, your business system (ERP) or ecommerce platform can also function as a middleman. When an order is placed in Amazon, the order goes into your ERP or ecommerce platform, and from there to Ongoing WMS (via an integration between your ERP/web shop and Ongoing WMS).

Exactly how this is done depends on the ERP or ecommerce platform. Some systems have plugins available which can do it: