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Integration between Attire and Ongoing WMS

Attire is an ERP for growing companies in the fashion industry

We at Attire integrate seamlessly between our ERP and Ongoing WMS throughout the entire process. From the moment your article is created, through to incoming deliveries and finally picking & dispatching your customer orders - we help you streamline your workflows, all the time keeping track of existing stock and its value.

Some of the chit-chat between Attire & Ongoing includes:

  • Article data
  • Incoming goods - Inbound/ASN
  • Goods receipt (GR)
  • Picking and packing of customer orders (wholesale, e-com)
  • Status update of orders (shipped, short-shipped, etc.)

We are a team that has been working with ERP-systems and integrations for over 20 years; we truly understand your business and know the importance of a flawless process. Together with systems like Ongoing, we can make your day-to-day operations easier thereby giving you more time to focus on your core business. No more double work in multiple systems, no more importing / exporting / analysing endless Excel sheets. We offer you the ultimate solution together with Ongoing.