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Integration between Ongoing WMS and BeX Online

BeX is a cloud-based ERP and retail system. If your business is growing and you require a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS), or if you are contemplating partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, consider Ongoing WMS. With Ongoing WMS, you can benefit from features such as batch-picking, optimized picking routes, error-minimizing scanning, detailed warehouse maps, automatic label printing, and more. Plus, for 3PL providers, onboarding new customers becomes seamless with hundreds of ready-made software integrations.

Start your journey with Ongoing WMS today!

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Get started

Perfect IT will require access to Ongoing WMS' API before they can set up the integration. Please see this guide on how to give someone API access to your Ongoing WMS.


Perfect IT have developed an integration with Ongoing WMS. When an order is placed by your customer it is automatically transferred to the WMS for the warehouse workers to immediately start picking and packing it. When a shipment has been booked, the WMS marks the order as sent and the same applies to the order in Bex. The integration also creates/updates articles and orders in Ongoing WMS when they have been created/updated in Bex. This eliminates the manual and repetitive task of keeping two registers in sync and automates the information change in the logistics process.

Article registry

The integration pushes article registry updates from BeX to the WMS. BeX contains the master data. By default, the integration transfers to following information fields:

  • Article number
  • Article name
  • Barcode
  • Article group
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Country of origin
  • Unit
  • Supplier
  • Color code
  • Color description
  • Size code
  • Size description
  • Collection
  • Price


The integration continuously looks for newly created orders in Bex and creates the same order in Ongoing WMS, so that it immediately can be worked on in the warehouse. The following information is transferred by default:

  • Order number
  • Reference
  • Customer number
  • Delivery name
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery address 2
  • Delivery postal code
  • Delivery city
  • Delivery country
  • Delivery date
  • Currency
  • Delivery
  • Order line information:
    • Article number
    • Article name
    • Delivered quantity
    • Ordered quantity
    • Selling price

Purchase orders

The integration continuously looks for newly created purchase orders in Bex and creates the same purchase order in Ongoing WMS. When the purchase order has been received in the warehouse the status and article quantities will be updated accordingly in Bex. The following information is transferred by default:

  • Purchase order number
  • Reference
  • Receive date
  • Supplier name
  • Supplier address
  • Supplier address 2
  • Supplier postal code
  • Supplier city
  • Supplier country
  • Purchase order line information:
    • Article number
    • Article name
    • Quantity