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Integration between Ongoing WMS and Easyfy

Easyfy is a flexible e-commerce platform that can be tailored to the customers specific needs. Easyfy has developed their own integration with Ongoing WMS where a handful of customers are using the integration.


Article registry

The article registry is fetched from the customers' ERP system.


As soon as new orders are placed in Easyfy's webshop they are pushed to Ongoing WMS, so that the warehouse can start fulfilling them. When the order has been picked by the warehouse workers, the order status will change in Ongoing WMS and the order in Easyfy will be updated.


When a return arrives at the warehouse, it is compared and processed against the original order, and then reported back to the webshop.

For more information, please contact Easyfy: info@easyfy.se.


Easyfy will require access to Ongoing WMS' API before they can set up the integration. Please see this guide on how to give someone API access to your Ongoing WMS.