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Ongoing WMS Fortnox 3PL invoicing integration

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The invoicing integration is intended to be used by warehouse operators who wish to automate the invoicing process between Ongoing WMS' invoicing module and Fortnox. Read more about Ongoing WMS 3PL invoicing. The integration can be used to send invoices from Ongoing WMS to Fortnox.


To be able to export invoices from Ongoing WMS to Fortnox there are a few things that must be setup correctly first.

  1. Edit the goods owner (How to edit goods owner). The value in the field AdvancedReferencesCustomer Code must be the customer number that the goods owner has in Fortnox:
    customer code field
    Customer code in Ongoing WMS is the same as customer number in Fortnox.
  2. Every price list entry must have an article number and an account: The article number in the price list corresponds to the article in Fortnox and the account corresponds to the account the article belongs to in Fortnox.
    Note: The integration will automatically create articles (price list) in Fortnox if they don't already exist. If the article is created by the integration you will need to edit the unit in Fortnox manually. For information about how to edit your price list please see 3PL invoicing documentation.
    article number and account fields on the price list
    Fill in article number and account in Ongoing WMS.
  3. If the invoice in Ongoing WMS has an invoice number that will be transmitted to Fortnox:
    invoice number field on the invoice
    Invoice number on the invoice is the same as in Fortnox.
    Otherwise, the invoice number will be generated by Fortnox, and when the invoice is exported the invoice number from Fortnox will be saved on the invoice in Ongoing WMS.

If you need to update the invoice rows in Fortnox you can simply export the invoice again.


To be able to activate the integration following information is needed. Gather the information and speak to your contact person at Ongoing WMS.

Please see this guide on how to set up an integration between Fortnox and your Ongoing WMS.

Ongoing Warehouse AB is integration partner with Fortnox.